Am I allowed to generate reviews?
Yes, you are allowed to generate reviews. The only essential requirement: you must not influence the product tester in any way, at any given point of time. You can not "buy" positive reviews. That's why you can never influence the Rezendo community in any way.
Who choses the product tester?
The selection of our product testers is subject to our strict and efficient quality management. To become part of the Rezendo community, the tester has to possess a meainingful and trustworthy review history. Reliabilty and the highest quality are our highest premises. Those who have convinced us provide realiable and helpful reviews.
Is the product tester allowed to give negative feedback?
Yes. We do not sell fake reviews. This is not part of our philosphy and does not apply to our standards of quality. This is neither sustainable nor is it helpful for you or your potential buyer. The Rezendo product testers are required to evaluate fair and unbiased. Instead we thrive to provide authentic and natural feedback which helps you to optimise your product and generate real reviews.
When do I receive the reviews?
When creating your product campaign, you can determine the start of your campaign and the time slot after which the tester will be able to give his feedback. Generally we recommend to stick to our policies which state that the tester is required to provide his feedback within 15 days.
What kind of quality do the reviews have?
Every product tester will be checked by our team first. Hence, his or hers review history will be examined and we will put emphasis on the concent, spelling etc. of his or her reviews. To provide the best quality possible, we established our selection procedure which aims to check the linguistic skills and reliablity of our testers.
How does the Cashback system work?
You determine a cashback discount value. E.g. if the RRP of your product is 45 Euro and you want to provide 40 Euro Cashback, please transfer the amount to us beforehands. One of our tester will purchase your product and test it unbiased within 15 days. After he or she provides the feedback, the cashback discount value will be transferred by us to the bank account of the tester. Thus, you have a 100% guarantee that you solely pay for reviews you received.
Who regulates the Cashback discount value?
You can freely determine the cashback discount value. Whether you grant 100% or less, it is up to you. Please keep in mind that your product will be tested faster, the more discount you grant. We recommend a cashback discount of at least 80% to increase the appeal of your product.
What happens, if a tester buys my product but does not review it?
If a tester purchases your product but does not review it, he or she will not receive the cashback discount. After our general time slot of 15 days, the deal will be passed on to another tester.
How long does the tester test my product?
Generally speaking, we urge our tester to test your products within 15 days. The foundation of our exclusive Rezendo community is trust, communication and reliability. Hence, we attach great importance to your happiness.
Can I change the price of my product during my campaign?
We recommend to keep the price constant during a campaign. This is important to provide transparency.
Are the testers forced to provide feedback?
No. Testers must not be forced to submit their reviews or feedback, due to Amazon policies. However, we rely on the reliability of our community and guarantee that you will receive the reviews you ordered.
Who choses the tester for my campaign?
We act up to the principle "first come, first served". In order to guarantee a fast handling, this procedure turned out to be reliable and easy, especially since the Cashback will ony be transferred in case of a submitted feedback.
How do I start a campaign?
Please log in to our system. You can start your campaign step by step, following our description provided in our internal system.
What is the difference between a single campaign and a set campaign?
A single campaign is a campaign with a stand-alone test product (for example, a pot). This item is being selled and purchased individually, thus tested individually, too. A set campaign is a campaign that includes two or more items (such as a pot with the compatible lid) that can be purchased individually but are bundled to be tested in a "set" by our testers. A set campaign makes sense if two or more items exist as seperate products, but should be evaluated and tested together.