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Authentic reviews will boost your sales

Reviews are an essential part of sales and important to influence the buying decision process. Not only the quality is an essential part, the quantity as well. Hence, we combine both aspects to offer you the most effective procedure to boost your product.

The decision of potential buyers, to purchase a product, mainly depends on authentic reviews and the experience of former customers. Therefore, we put emphasis on authentic and convincing Reviewers.

Rezendo Campaign

Start your product campaign with providing important information. Decide which picture, information, shipping you prefer, it's up to you. You can start set-campaigns with products which should be tested together, too.

Dual Control

We will check your campaign and usually verify it within 24h. The start of your campaign can be set in the future. Our testers will be able to have a sneak peek of your product and will be notified when your campaign starts.


Your product will be purchased by our testers through your sales channel. Hence the fulfillment will be handled within your daily business.

Reliable Feedback

Our testers will review your product within 15 days after they have received it. In order to provide a natural growth of reviews, we established a system which releases your products in realistic cycles.

Authentic reviews

Our Rezendo Cashback-system allows our tester to purchase your product through your regular sales channel. Thus the generated review will be verified because of the purchase through your sales channel.


The amount of cashback can be determined while creating your product campain. Once the tester reviewed your product, he or she will receive the cashback. Therefore we can guarantee that you will receive the reviews.


The importance of reviews

No matter if we talk about Amazon, eBay or your own webshop.. Reviews are an essential part of the decision of potential buyers. The reason is simple: these authentic reviews have been created by people who have been able to touch, test, smell, try the product. They experienced the product. This experiences of real people influence the buyer decision process immensly. If your product has a diverse and positive history of reviews it is more likely to be purchased by new customers.

Additionally, a positive history of reviews decreases the risk of product returns. The customer was able to evaluate his needs in comparison with the product. Hence an authentic and positive history of reviews does not only increase your sales but minimises the risk of mispurchasing.

Just a few clicks and your campaign starts!

Generate reviews after a short time and boost your sales.

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Why Rezendo?

Feedback Guarantee.

Our Rezendo Cashback-system guarantees a secure and authentic way of generating reviews. The tester purchases your product through your sales channel and tests it unbiased. After reviewing your product, he or she will receive the Cashback.

Unlimited Campaigns.

There is no limitation in creating product campaigns. You can create product campaigns to generate legitimate and authentic reviews on diverse marketplaces. Benefit from our experienced and reliable product testers around the globe.

Keyword Booster.

You can include one or more keywords in the campaign setup to give your product strong ranking benefits. The auto-generated product link leads reviewers to your product by using your keyword. As a Result your product gets a better visibility.